Shekhinah’s Rose Gold Album Attain Gold Status

Shekhinah's album go Gold

Shekhinah’s Rose Gold Album Attain Gold Status. It’s not likely for a debut album to reach a Gold status for most artists but Shekhinah had that luck of going Gold with her debut album Rose Gold which released last year.

The album has been everybody’s favourite the way it was well made, it’s no surprise it has reached a Gold status. Last year The Suited singer revealed the news that her album will be going international which was just part of her sudden fruitful achievements.

The music video of Suited is also making it’s way to the top the way people are loving it. It has over 2 Million views now let alone how it went Platinum in just few weeks of it’s release. The 24 year old is making it huge in the industry with her talent she’s reaching  for more than Gold and Platinum but the stars too.

The songstress took to social media to share the wonderful news and thanked her fans for her album attaining Gold status.

“We made RoseGold in my home and now it streams all over the Globe (literally) Welldone to a solid team thank you God and all the people who bought the album and supported the music always, we certified Gold and Platinum on The single #Suited ?? pic.twitter.com/OTsTjjPbKN

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