Top 10 Best SA Gospel Female Artists Of All Times

Top 10 Best SA Gospel Female Artists Of All Times. Most would agree just how blissful it could be to hear a beautiful voice of a woman singing her heart out praising the Lord. A woman’s voice is forever a soft touch to the soul, it puts the mind at ease and sweeten the heart at best. Gospel music is mostly dominated by female singers who never cease to make best of their musical talents.

Women like Rebecca Malope, Kholeka and Deborah Fraser who’ve been the queens of Gospel music for decades proved just how much of talented Gospel female vocalists are there in SA.

They have provided an original taste of Gospel music, their music might not have been fused with a Morden flavour but it still served the same purpose of healing people spiritually and granting them guidance to better decision making. This is why, Gospel music still stands as one of the best selling genres in the country. The contribution of these females is amazing and definitely doesn’t go unnoticed.

1.Winnie Mashaba

2.Lusanda Mcinga


4.Rebecca Malope

5.Ntokozo Mbambo

6.Melani Steenkamp

7.Emma Mkhwanazi


9.Judith Sephuma

10.Fikile Mlomo

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