Top 10 SA Female Musicians That Have Broken Boundaries

Top 10 SA Female Musicians That Have Broken Boundaries. Being stuck in a patriarchal society that has set rules for women to abide by it becomes hard to deviate from those rules and push boundaries to prove their worth. The world is fast evolving and the females that are growing up now are becoming more independent, liberated and are following up on their dreams in an amazing way.

The women listed here pushed hard enough to mark their way in the music industry even with all the negative feedbacks and the discouragement they’ve received.

These talented female musos are big in the SA music scene, they express themselves in all ways they see fit. They all have made a difference in music with how they’ve managed to break barriers and still be successful. These women have been an inspiration to a large number of young girls out there. Their music is as good if not better than of any other man in the music industry.

Here’s a list of Top 10 SA Female Musicians Who Have Broken Boundaries

1.Nadia Nakai

2.Thandiswa Mazwai

3.Patty Monroe

4.PJ Powers

5.Fifi Cooper



8.Babes Wodumo


10.Sho Madjozi

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