Top 5 Best SA Musical Collabs Of The Early 2000’s

A recap to some of the best musical collabs of the early 2000s

Top 5 Best SA Musical Collabs Of The 90’s And Early 2000’s. It may seem like a bore to often reflect on the past and reminding people of where or how the good music came about but in reality it should be more important than entertaining. A little bit of history-telling every now and then is always essential, it can both be educational and informative let alone entertaining.

This here is a list of 5 out of many best musical collaborations made by South African musicians of all types of genres. The collabs here are duets that consisted of male and female musicians,a variety of good vocals fused together is always enough to give music that beautiful taste and flavour.

Good music is judged by so many things, what makes it best is by the number of people that love it. Songs from the 90’s and 2000’s were great but mostly genuine hence they still relevant till this day.

Here are Top 5 Best SA Musical Collabs Of The 90’s And Early 2000’s

1.Zola ft Unathi

2.Vuyo Mokoena ft Rebecca

3.Brenda Fassie ft Chicco Thwala

4. Malaika

5. Lucky Dube

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