Top 5 SA Kwaito Musicians Who Went AWOL In The Music Scene

Top 5 SA Kwaito Musicians Who Went AWOL In The Music Scene. Some may not remember the good old songs that kept most streets alive back in the days, with their lively booming elements that just gave so much meaning into the SA music industry.

At some point, musicians do fade away for different types of reasons but the fact that they gave us good music in their time cannot be changed by anything. This is a list of just 5 out many SA musicians who gave us soo much fire we were burning from their blazing music until they went AWOL.

Music industry is evolving like anything else in the world, some overcome that challenge by getting on with the trends while others slowly fade because their style is no longer in most people’s taste. In SA one can expect genres like Kwaito to be bigger than Hip Hop but unfortunately that’s not the case. To keep Kwaito alive it has to be fused with Hip Hop or Qgom sounds only then it can be liked more.

Even if these artists are still in the music industry, they just not as prominent as they once were hence going AWOL.

Here’s a list of Top 5 SA Musicians Who Went AWOL In The Music Scene :

1. Skomplazi


3.Pitch Black Afro



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