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Twitter Trolls Say Gigi Lamayne Looks Like A ”sex toy from Japan”

SA Female rapper Gigi Lamayne has once again fell victim to the brutal comments from trolls on social media who this time around said that she looked like a “sex toy from Japan”.

These comments rose when the star shared an image of herself on twitter posing half naked in a pool of money that had people throwing questions and comments all around. Lamyane has unfortunately took the picture down called trolls bullies.

“I feel like if you are a woman or a lesbian or gay, you are immediately prone to being attacked on social media. People will come for you all the time. It doesn’t matter what you try and do, people will try to bring you down to make themselves look cool. It is bullying,” she said Speaking to TshisaLive.

And added an explanation of why she deleted the pictures.

“I deleted it because the reactions were getting out of control. I didn’t even see what was wrong with it but suddenly I was being body shamed and people were asking where I got the money. They were having me. They were pointing out dust and saying it was a cockroach. People are so bored.”

Gigi also explained where she got the money she was laying on in an image.

“A donor gave R50,000 to the foundation. The person donated because we had reached out earlier to people to ask them to donate. They told us before they wanted to donate but after this incident they sent us R50,000.”

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