Black Twitter Tear Loyiso Bala Into Shreds For His Opinion Of Banning ‘Inxeba’

Tweeps tell Loyiso off for his opinions of multi-award winning film Inxeba

Musician Loyiso Bala fell victim to the savage responses on twitter when he expressed his opinion of the trending new Film Inxeba saying it should be banned. A large number of people are commenting about the film most saying it shouldn’t be screened in SA as it disrespects the Xhosa Culture while others say there is nothing wrong in showcasing cultural practices.

The controversy behind the film is causing too much chaos in SA Loyiso was just the unlucky one as he was attacks even by fellow celebrities for his sudden pride of Xhosa culture.

One twitter user said Bala is the last person to voice such an opinion since he acts all white when he’s actually black. Simphiwe Dana & DJ Fresh also played a part in tearing the artist into shreds.

” The release of ‘Inxeba’ totally ridicules and disrespects the wishes and traditions of the Xhosa culture. If we, as a country, cannot protect our own cultural beliefs and differences, no one else will do it for us. ” tweeted Bala.

And this is how Black Twitter Teared him Into shreds for his opinion of having ‘Inxeba’ banned in SA :


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