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Chicco Thwala Gets A Twitter User Arrested For Accusations of Meyiwa’s Death

Chicco in hunt of a twitter user that claimed that he and his son killed Meyiwa

Musician and Producer Chicco Thwala has been making headlines lately for various reasons first for fighting for Brenda’s biopic to be made and for accusations of being the owner of the firearm that killed former national player Senzo Meyiwa back in 2014.

After years of Senzo’s death it’s only now that the people who were present during the night of an ordeal came forward and confessed their side of the story included Chicco’s son Longwe Thwala.

As expected the news trended on social media with the public commenting their views on what they thought about the whole situation. Chicco didn’t just read the tweets and decided to ignore them as most public figures would do instead he decided to take legal action against the man that has been tweeting a series of tweets that accused him and his son for being responsible for the death of Senzo Meyiwa. The twitter user who goes by the name Man’s Not Barry Roux also claimed that Twala bribed all the witnesses to withhold information that could lead to his son’s arrest.

According to SowetanLive Twala’s manager Lebo Nqolobe confirmed that the businessman had hired forensic experts to expose the person behind the parody account.

“You will remember those tweets became a national topic in all the media with some people out there believing this nonsense. So that damaged the reputations of Chicco and Longwe.”

Twala confirmed that he hired forensic experts to hunt down the account user.

“I met with the forensic experts three weeks ago and I’m satisfied with the progress they have made so far. Soon we will know who this man is and the truth will come out. What bothered me was that this man is even saying stuff that I don’t even know about.”

Twala went on to slammed claims made by the account user that his gun was used by Longwe to kill the Bafana Bafana goalkeeper and captain.

“Police confiscated my firearm for ballistic tests and found that my weapon didn’t match the make and the name of the gun that was used to murder Senzo. The gun was returned to me. My son’s cellphone was confiscated by police and was later returned to him because nothing implicated him.”

Twala also said when the Hawks replaced the police on the murder investigation, they picked Longwe up from his house and questioned him together with other witnesses.

“They were satisfied with his version of the story. Now if this man said I bribed people to not tell the police that Longwe killed Senzo using my gun, then I should be the most powerful man on earth. I mean Senzo’s friends Tumelo and Mthokozisi were in the house, so why should they protect Longwe and me?”

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