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DJ Zinhle On How Euphonik Helped Her Through A Hard Time

Zinhle on how she got too overwhelmed she felt she was going to die

DJ Zinhle On How Euphonik Helped Her Through A Hard Time. Like most successful women DJ Zinhle hasn’t been having things easy trying to juggle her busy lifestyle of business and music and being a mother. The DJ expressed that she got to a point where it all became all too overwhelming for her to bare.

“I make it work but I have been feeling a little overwhelmed lately. It is a bit too much. Especially with the house project, I thought I was going to die at one point.”

Luckily for supportive family and good friends she was assisted. Euphonik is one of the friends that was to her rescue when it all became too much.

“My family supports me but there was a time when I couldn’t build my house anymore and I was stuck. Euphonik took care of a lot of things at my house. They were emailing me to say come fix this, come cut the grass. He sent people to sort all those things out.”

She said that she had learnt to cope with all the endless demands by taking it one moment at a time and leaning on the support of others.

The colours hitmaker added that being a mom was the greatest grounding she had when she felt life was too hectic.

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