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HHP On How Being Fat Has Benefited Him

HHP speaks of his experiences as an overweight kid

Rapper and Music Producer HHP short for Hip Hop Pantsula opened up in an interview on Metro FM how his weight has benefited him while others dissed him about it.

Ever since the Rapper rose into fans he has always been overweight and has revealed that he was born that way. The musician said he  suffered a lot of bullying as a child and even now as an adult when he fell victim to the cyber abuse because of his weight.

“Growing up as a chubby kid was always weird. But there was this one time that I really appreciated it. Me and my friends were walking down the road and this dog started chasing us. Everyone started running and I was the only fat kid. Already I am crying. I was slowing down and getting ready to die. Other dogs started joining in the chase. Suddenly something miraculous happened. The dogs whizzed past me. They were looking for the fastest. I realised then that being fat had its perks.”

Because of his weight, HHP also played rugby. He recounted how he would often try to run during games but not move as quickly as he thought he was going.

“One time I had the ball and I was so sure I was going to score the try. In my mind I am cruising but the guy who tackled me just walked up to me. I was like; ‘How does this happen?”.

It’s pretty obvious his weight never  set high limitations for him since he made huge success in music.

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