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Ntando Duma Speaks Of The Relevance of Gqom Music In SA

Ntando speaks more about her new show gig which is all about Gqom music

Ntando Duma Speaks Of The Relevance of Gqom Music In SA. Media Personality Ntando Duma says that Gqom music is a fast growing genre is SA that has gained more followers with the effects it has. She also stated how her new show is all about showcasing and appreciating such loud and rare music.

Duma announced a while back that she has landed herself a new gig which is to host a new hip show Gqom Nation. Speaking to TshisaLIVE publication the Presenter answered a few questions about the show and her thoughts on Gqom music.

What is the show about?

The show is about gqom as a whole, we get to see it in a way it has never been seen before. Every week you will be exposed to the different types of sounds of the gqom genre.

What does the show hope to do for the gqom movement?

The gqom movement has already changed the game, because everyone is a part of it now and everyone just wants to jump on it. The show is opening doors for people who have always wanted to reach out to the industry with gqom but struggled because no one understood it.

The show is a platform for people to better expose themselves to gqom music, the first episode of the show even trended because people want to know more about it and want to be a part of it. It is opening doors for a lot of people and it is definitely going to be big.

How do you feel about presenting the gig?

Incredible. The fact that I am presenting something I love, understand and enjoy is just an amazing feeling. I had so much fun working on the show and I would do it over and over again.


Do you think Gqom has potential to grow further as a genre and how?

Absolutely, everyone is starting to love and relate to what gqom is. It is already growing and with people continuing to being a part of it and participating in its growth, it is definitely going far.

What sets this show apart from others?

Literally everything besides my face (laughs). Every week we bring different gqom DJs and dance crews that you have never seen before with different sounds and vibe.

What’s the criteria to becoming a gqom artist?

I don’t think there is, you just need to know the right way of knowing how to make people dance.

Gqom Nation airs every Friday at 6pm on MTV Base.

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