Top 5 SA Musicians That Have Hit Trolls With Savage Responses

SA musicians famous for savage clapbacks on twitter

Top SA Musicians That Have Hit Trolls With Savage Responses. If you thought that celebrities are okay with being attacked anyhow on social media, then you thought wrong. SA celebrities have set a trend of not allowing to fall victim to trolls that just diss them anyhow and decided to just tell them off anyway they please.

In actual fact Black Twitter has the ability of ripping a person into shreds for a comment or picture they shared publicly,they make fun of a celebrity in such a way that if they had to take those comments seriously they would commit suicide. Not taking them seriously though doesn’t mean that it doesn’t offend them hence the savage hit backs they throw at trolls to prove that they also human.

AKA once stated that social media users have the tendency of thinking that Celebrities are made of robots.

“The problem with Twitter is that people think celebs are some sort of robots here to serve the public. Sit with your keypads at your fingers and try to embarrass us then cry foul when we react. Well, I’m not one of those celebs. I’m a real person. Not a bot. I’m not just data,” he wrote in a post last week.

1. Emtee

Emtee’s online reputation is just difficult to describe what is known to be sure is that he doesn’t beat about the bush when he has something to say it doesn’t matter if it’s directed to a fellow celebrity or a fan that provoked him. One of his comebacks was to a troll that told him to start rapping and this was his response.

“Stop thinking u can address the hustla like dat coz u ain’t never even had de money I got on me right now. Hip hop advocate Yamasimba. Futsek!!! Stop playin wimme like u know sum. Nobody ass bitch. I hope ur mama die fuckin wimme” he tweeted.

2. DJ Tira

On of Tira’s recent comebacks happened when a certain twitter user who goes by the name Rembuluwani asked Tira how he manages to appear on so many music videos. Tira didn’t appreciate the question, he lost his temper and dissed Rembuluwani and labeled him as being “broke”.
His response was : “how do you manage to be so broke when God has given you two hands,” tweeted Tira.

3. Ntsiki Mazwai

Known for speaking her mind regardless Ntsiki has thrown many savage clapbacks to many people mostly fellow celebrities and also fans. Being the warrior of twar Ntsiki has taken on celebrities like Julius Malema, Simphiwe Dana, AKA, Bonang to mention a few.

4. AKA

Of all his clapbacks the one that took most people’s attention is the one he threw at a twitter user that made fun of who will be single on this Valentines Day.
“By show of hands, how many of you are single this v- day?” tweeted the user directing to AKA.

And this is how the Supa Mega responded : “Yes I will be single on Valentine’s Day…but you will be broke every single day of 2018.”

5. Euphonik

Euphonik also has the reputation of telling people exactly what he thinks of then on twitter. Of all his disses or clapbacks one that trended mostly was the one that included fellow celebrity Lerato Kganyago.  She wished a Happy Birthday to MoFlava via twitter and Euphonik retweeted saying Kganyao is hungry for likes and that she is fake.

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