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Bucie Reveals The Hardships She Experienced During Her Pregnancies

Bucie says she and her second born baby almost died.

Bucie Reveals The Hardships She Experienced During Her Pregnancies. Singer and songwriter Bucie who is now a stay at home wife and mom has revealed the difficulties she went through her previous pregnancies which almost killed her and her babies. Speaking to DJ Fresh on Metro FM, the Inde hitmaker who is now expecting her third child she has been escaping a bullet with her pregnancies and that her second born was born premature at six month.

“My first born son, which I had at 18, there was complications…my second, Aphiwe, I had him at six and a half months. He was premature.”

Explaining why she called her son Aphiwe, she said it was because they both could have died during her pregnancy and childbirth, but managed to survive.

“There were complications to the point where doctors thought that if they kept him still, (cause my water broke very early so they tried to buy time to 30 or 31 weeks) if he stayed in mommy for another day we were both going to die, or one of us wouldn’t make it. So he is a miracle.”

Bucie confirmed to TshisaLIVE late last year that she is expecting her third child. She also asked fans to respect her privacy during her pregnancy.

“It is still very early (in the pregnancy) and I am not comfortable to speak about it yet, especially because traditionally we don’t announce anything at a such an early stage. I don’t understand why it is being spoken about when I left music to just be a mom and wife,” she said.

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