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Dr Malinga’s Hilarious Message To Students That Beat Up Teachers

Malinga states his views on students that beat up teachers.

Dr Malinga’s Hilarious Message To Students That Beat Up Teachers. Musician and Businessman Dr Malinga has boldly spoken about how he feels about the students that beat up the teachers and what he would do to them if he was a teacher. Angilalanga Izolo hitmaker expressed his fury on how students have grown to disrespect teachers just because they know they have the law to protect them if the teachers reciprocate the violence.

“Dear students, what you’re doing lately is so disappointing, beating up teachers. And then knowing that when they fight back you’ll open up cases and saying that they abuse you, guess what? You’re going nowhere slowly. But guess what? If it was me, if I was a teacher,  you were going to see sh*** .”

Malinga was commenting on the matter that has been going viral of a pupil that acted violently towards a teacher. The school girl was throwing her exercise book at a teacher it caused quite a stir not only on social media but on other media platforms as well. It is reported that the incident between the teacher and child is under investigation by the Gauteng Department of Education and that the student will be taken through a disciplinary hearing.

Dear Student stop beating up our teachers pls,if i was teacher i dare you shem.

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