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Moneoa’s Clapback At Claims That She Was Drinking And Driving

Moneoa clears the air

Moneoa’s Clapback At Claims That She Was Drinking And Driving. Songstress Moneoa was reported by SundayWorld publication to have been driving under the influence of alcohol and was arrested but was later released on a R1500 bail. The singer has now came forward to clarify the case of her accusations.

According to Daily Sun the Police Officer stated the story as:

“She was driving with two other people in the car, and it seemed like they had been partying the previous night. When she was stopped at the road block, she tried using her celebrity influence to get her off the hook.”

However, the Sbhanxa singer laughed off the rumours and said everything is being blown out of proportion.

“It wasn’t necessarily an arrest, I was written up, yes. I went to the police station, did my paperwork and then they sent me home,” she told DRUM.

“They said I was driving under the influence but I feel like it was agenda, because the limit is 0.24 and I was on 0.26, so I feel like the police officer had an agenda. Also because I was the only person he arrested that day, so it was probably planned, someone must have been behind it, I don’t know.”

What actually transpired that night according to her was,

“My boyfriend came to the police station with his lawyer because mine couldn’t make it on time; fortunately, I was then written up and sent home. So people are lying when they say I was locked up,” she laughs.

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