Nakhane Toure On How He Reflected On His Unpleasant Childhood On New Album

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Musician and Actor Nakhane Toure has just released his highly anticipated album titled You Will Not Die which he said is about hope and talks through the hardships he experienced as a child. After a journey of self-discovery which included anything from writing to acting and singing, the star said he has come to terms with dealing with the ghosts from his past.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE he said working on the album brought a “cocktail of emotions” unto him.

“I had to go back to my childhood traumas and some of the places, like churches, that held ghosts of my past. The thing is, you face it at first but after a while you gain control over it. You look back and realise it is just a ghost and it can’t hurt you.”

The raw emotion is one that hangs heavy over the album and is the central theme of it.

“The story it is trying to tell is in the album’s name: You Will Not Die. It is about hope. I think that is the one thing that life has taught me over the last few years.”

So far the album has been received well overseas and Nakhane hopes that it will have a similar impact in South Africa.

“My first album was a critical success but was a bit of a commercial flop. If it does better than that I will be happy. At the end of the day I made this album with my heart and if it isn’t received well then I will still be happy with what I have created.”

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