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Ntsiki Mazwai On How Attending ‘White Schools’ Messed Her Up

Mazwai once again give people an insight of her life.

Ntsiki Mazwai On How Attending ‘White Schools’ Messed Her Up. Poet and Musician Ntsiki Mazwa who is also famous for being controversial has opened up about many things in her DIY interview, one of those things being how attending a white school messed her way of thing about black identity for a while. Proving how tired Ntsiki was of the media painting her the picture she claims to be fabricated, she self-interviewed herself revealing more about her than most people know.

This is a list f 5 things TshisaLive picked from her interview :

1. Ntsiki was very “open” in the interview, saying there was nothing she’s not prepared to talk about because she has owned up to her actions.

2. She said going to a white school meant she only discovered that she was black later in life because the system didn’t teach blackness. However, now she’s all about black unity.

3. Her upcoming album is a project that is very personal for her, because it was made after she thought her career was over and tried to find an escape from it.

4. Ntsiki said she’s felt the media has been running a smear campaign against her for years and she almost believed it but luckily she got her groove back just in time!

5. The artist was really picky about who to feature in telling her stories through her music and some of the songs, like Sobonana, had her weeping… like over a hundred times. It’s about healing and releasing the spirits of her beloved ones who have died. Her upcoming album The Masterpiece will drop on April 27 (Freedom day) at the Soweto Theatre.

To read full interview click on this link–the-masterpiece.

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