Oshri Releases Music Video For His Single ‘Too Much’

Oshri opens up about his music video Too Much

Oshri Releases Music Video For His Single ‘Too Much’. Last month Oshri dropped a music video for his single Too Much featuring make-up sensation Elwa Swaleh. Oshri detailed where and how exactly he got the inspiration to write such a beautiful song.

“I was deeply moved, almost to tears, when I asked one of my stunning lady friends to join me at the spur of the moment to go out. Through my eyes, she was beautiful just the way she was while we were just chilling at her place. Her reply was that there was no way she could go out the way she looked and would need some time to get ready. I was astounded and shocked. Here was this gorgeous woman and yet she felt she’s not good enough? It got me thinking about the immense pressure we are all under to always look our best – expected to be perfect in every way, including the shape of our bodies. This haunted me for weeks on end until I eventually sat down and wrote Too Much.”

Oshri himself says that he ultimately “wants to fall in love with the true beauty beyond all the layers we are forced to cover ourselves up with to look perfect”.

The unique video showcases a before and after makeup session in reverse; ultimately showcasing how beautiful a woman is even before applying anything that masks her natural self.

“We are all trying to constantly make things look better than what they really are, but there’s a fine line between improving yourself and wearing a mask” said Oshri, who lives between three cities New York, Los Angeles and the Cape Town.


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