SA Musicians Who Constantly Brag About Having Lot Of Money

List of SA Musicians who always feel the need to remind fans that they wealthy.

SA Musicians Who Constantly Brag About Having Lot Of Money. While some celebrities are more focused on making money with their mouths shut, others always feel the need to brag about the amount of money they have.

They don’t exactly say how much they have on their accounts, they just have the tendency of proving to people that they swimming in cash, it can be with what they purchase, their luxurious trips or when they fall victim to some trolling. It seems the only defence to make twitter users that attack them feel awful is if they remind them that no matter what they can say they are wealthier than them.

One may call it being childish to bring money into every discussion even when it’s unnecessary while others may naively view it as a way of motivating others to make money too, either way bragging about money is far from cool.

Here’s a list of SA Musicians Who Constantly Brag About Having Lot Of Money :




Emtee has fallen victim to a number of attacks on social media that he felt the only to get back at the trolls is by reminding them how broke they are compared to him, he often speaks of how he is all about the paper. Emtee’s continuous brag about moola might blindly lead one to believe that he makes the list of top 10 rich musicians in SA when he unfortunately doesn’t.


AKA is just that guy you would innocently greet passing by and he would respond “i make more money than you”, he always feels the need of including money in discussions that don’t necessarily need it. He is wealthy no doubt and is a role model to many youngsters, his bragging skills though seem to be slowly taking over his talent to sing and his time to deliver real stuff.


3.Cassper Nyovest


Coming from a struggling background can make any person lose it when they get money but still that is no justification to always brag about money. Cassper is one of the biggest rappers in SA no doubt he is swimming in that dough but he too possess the quality of bringing money and the bling into discussions that require just general intellect. recently he said that he makes more than most educated people, now isn’t that shallow??


4.DJ Tira



Tira’s 85% support is from black people so knowing how black struggle it was disappointing to many when he turned out to be like hip hop musicians who always brag and compete about money. He also defended himself on twitter when a fan commented on him being on every music video and Tira said that the fan was broke.

5. Euphonik

He doesn’t really brag but he is all about the money and always feel the need to touch into it every now and then on his interviews.

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