SA Musicians That Have Made Headlines For Alleged Bad Behaviours

List of SA musicians that have been accused for acting bad

SA Musicians That Have Made Headlines For Alleged Bad Behaviours. When someone is in a public eye they are expected to set a good example by carrying out good behavior since they may be role models of youngsters, when they start to rebel it never occurs to people that being famous doesn’t make them any less or more humans than any of us.

While some musicians despise getting the attention for all wrong reasons others love it since they believe it boosts their relevance, which is why fans often accuse celebrities of pulling ‘publicity stunts’ . There’s a saying in the media world “Bad publicity is good publicity”, that can make one believe they act bad on purpose when in true they just acting like humans with emotions such as all.

The musicians listed here have all made headlines for acting promiscuous, not sure if that has elevated their statuses but it sure defamed them even though most cases haven’t been proved to be factual or just rumours.

Here’s a list SA Musicians That Have Made Headlines For Alleged Bad Behaviours


1. AKA

It’s always expected for rappers to be notorious and as much as AKA is one of the most loved rappers in SA he can act in a questionable way. He was once accused of sniffing cocaine last year with his late girlfriend Bonang, he was then accused for cheating on her with a model Nicole Nyaba. He has been making political comments that had fans tell him to stick to music and not politics. The list is quite endless, his assumed response would be “I can make bad headlines but at i am making money”.

2. Kelly Khumalo

When she got into the music industry she claimed to be pure and untouched until she engaged in a relationship with Jub Jub a convict that introduced her to Drugs. She then dated a married football player the late Senzo Meyiwa who died in her home back in 2015. She was accused by many South Africans for the death of Meyiwa, in the eyes of most South Africans Kelly was just a mistress, a murderer and a drug addict.

3. Arthur Mafokate

He was accused by his former girlfriend Cici for physical abuse which led her to undergo an operation. He also claimed that Cici abused him back hitting him with furniture so now the two are attending trial on counter charges.


4. Steve Hofmeyr

Steve is a known activist who is soo proud of being an Afrikaaner that he makes racial comments that would make any black person think twice before supporting his music. He has made headlines due to his racial public comments.

5. Brickz

Accused and Charged of Rape with a 15 year sentence Kwaito star Mabrigado would agree that this life has been a hell hole for him.

6. Dumi Mkokstad

You would think being a Gospel artist that is known to be God-fearing and whatnot one would behave appropriately. A while ago Dumi was accused by his young girlfriend that he broke her virginity impregnated her and forced her to have an abortion.

7.Jub Jub

The case is known by many he was drunk and high on drugs raced with his friend and killed school children, was convicted and jailed, appealed for parole and is now out making music.

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