SA Musicians Who Are More Recognised Overseas Than Locally

List of South African Musicians who are making it big internationally than locally

SA Musicians Who Are More Recognised Overseas Than Locally. Most South African don’t usually grow to like something until the other people prove that it can be loved, which is why some SA musicians only got recognition in SA right after the fans from overseas recognised them and loved what they heard.

Being internationally recognised as a South African musician is a big thing because it means opportunities to grow your brand and make more money will come knocking at your door. It takes time for some musicians to gain the recognition they feel they deserve, some spend years trying to worm their way into the scene but fail miserably, it’s not about luck or lack of good PR reality is some people may love your work while it may not be as interesting to others.

For instance Electro music isn’t loved by many people in SA whereas in countries such as US and UK it is loved by almost half the populations, for that reason SA artists who specialise in that genre always see it as a good idea to go overboard in order to their music selling and relevant. artists who don’t belong in the house and hip hop space in SA are considered to be not mainstream enough.

The musicians listed here are more famous overseas than locally, the ones that are now also famous in SA were recognised in a time when international fans and brands proved just how brilliant they are. One may call it hypocrisy while others may call it going with with the trend. Maybe, had  Black Coffee not received the International recognition he got, he would still be just a DJ only known by house music fans.


Here’s a list of few SA Musicians Who Are More Recognised Overseas Than Locally :


1. Black Coffee


2. Lazarusman


3. Culoe De Song


4. Fantasma


5. Alice Phoebe Lou


6. John Wizards


7. Goldfish

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