SA Musicians Who Had Short Lived Fame

List of SA musicians who were in the spotlight for 2 minutes and Disappeared

SA Musicians Who Had Short Lived Fame. Reality is the music industry is tough, it comes with the pressure of constantly coming up with something that people will take a liking for, if your creativity fails to indulge then you become just as extinct as a dinosaur.

The worst part about making music is when you start failing to feed fans what they want or introducing something new and unique to them, as much as it artists say they make music out of passion it cannot be entirely true. They all make music as a way to regulate income and be famous for their talent, all that comes to an end when fans slowly fade due to failure to keep them entertained.

The artists listed below are few of many who had 2 minutes on fame and slowly disappeared yes they might have reasons to justify their disappearance in music, but reality is they lost the flavour to make music that would’ve blossomed their careers, if you know fame and money you never want it to get away from you deliberately it just so happens that Life Happened and incidents took place.

All of these musicians were coming along just fine but vanished into spotlight, it couldn’t have been the newcomers or the revolutionary of music since there are old artists who’ve been in the game for too long but are still releasing some lit songs. Despite being out of fame making headlines, going gold or releasing great music, these stars paved their way into the music scene and made good music .

Here’s a list of SA Musicians Who Had Short Lived Fame :

  1. Siphokazi – Afro Jazz artist


2.Pitch Black Afro




4.Gangs Of Instrumental


5.Ghetto Lingo




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