Thebe On Kwaito Music’s Relevance And Dying Broke

Thebe to perform at the Human Rights Day concert later this month.

Thebe On Kwaito Music Relevance And Dying Broke. It has been witnessed a number of times how most Kwaito artists die broke with not even enough money to lay them to rest, Thebe commented on that issue stating that he is working his hardest to avoid such embarrassment hence he is still bringing more life and light to Kwaito music in SA.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE Thebe said that he has been in studio recently working some  club bangers to prove that he hasn’t lost his mojo to deliver dope Kwaito music, further touching on issue of relevance in the muis scene.

“I don’t worry about being forgotten or irrelevant because I still have a following. It’s been three years since my last album but I have been working. I’ve been working with Black Motion and others but what I want to do with this album is feature unknown artists to give them the platform to be heard.”

The rapid rise of Gqom and Hip Hop seemed to have put shades at Kwaito but Thebe is adamant that Kwaito isn’t dying down anytime soon it’s a part of SA’s heritage.

“Kwaito will never die. It is part of South Africa and a part of me. I consider myself a kwaito musician and my album has kwaito songs on it.”

Thebe is not ready to be written off just yet and has no plans to retire. He is too busy making sure that he’s collecting enough coins to avoid dying broke.

“I have my whole life worried about dying broke and when I joined the industry it was the same. I have started companies and worked in companies to make sure that I have enough of a safety net to not die broke. It is hard to watch when someone you idolise dies and their family is struggling. I don’t want that but you never know how life will pan out.”

In keeping with Thebe’s hustle, you can catch a special performance by him at a Human Rights Day concert later this month.

“I wanted to be part of something special like this. It is a big cause and to be able to perform for something that is so important to all of us is a great honour.”

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