Trompies Open Up About The Conflicts They’ve Had In The Past

Trompies on how they overcame conflict and kept the group together

Trompies Open Up About The Arguments They Had In The Past. Legendary Kwaito group Trompies which consists of Spikiri, Jairos, Mahoota and Eugene has given into their fans curiosity and opened up about the conflicts they have had in the past, how they ended up launching solo careers and how they still a  solid group despite all that has happened.

“No group or collective can say that they do not disagree and argue. It’s a natural part of group dynamics. While it is frustrating, it helps people get to see a different opinion. For us, collaboration, co-creation and a celebration of our different strengths and weaknesses is important in our talent process,” they said Speaking to TshisaLIVE.

Trompies said a lot of the time, they wouldn’t even realise there was conflict until they got to the music making process. Then they had to stop to work it out, unless it worked for the song.

Over 30 years since they broke into this industry, the four artists have managed to maintain their friendship even though they don’t work as closely as they used to before due to other commitments.

They explained that they’ve had to learn to accommodate each other’s changing priorities.

“It has been difficult but we had to grow as people to explore other opportunities. But we certainly make time for each other and Trompies as an entity.”

The group also slammed rumours that Mahoota “abandoned” them, saying they understood where he was coming from with his decision to split his time between Trompies and his solo career.

“Mahoota’s brand is growing and we support that fully. We understand that he has to nurture that, but that does not mean he’s not a critical member of the team or is not missed, we come far together from little boys in Ndofaya. We are planning big things for our fans as Trompies and he is very much a part of that. He will be with us at Red Bull Music Festival this April,” they said.

Trompies is a headline act at the Red Bull Music Festival which will be taking place in April.

“We are part of a six-day festival that will be featuring 80 artists across JHB. Maybe we will get to make a song with Destruction Boyz during the Red Bull Music Festival. We are also looking forward to performing with Moozlie. We’ve heard that she’s a young Brenda Fassie with a Lebo Mathosa spirit and so we’re keen to see that ourselves.”

The kwaito group will be hosting Kwaito Night as part of the festival that happens over a number of days.

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