Dr Tumi Has A Message For All Those Who Think He Sounds ‘American’

Dr Tumi shows off his fiesty side.

Gospel Singer Dr Tumi seems like a decent man that would let people walk all over him and would handle criticism by praying only, well he proved to people that he is human and that he is capable of giving spicy clap backs that can set any troll on fire.

The kindhearted gospel artist had to put a troll back in his lane when he accused Dr Tumi of sounding too American when he should be doing kasi gospel.

“Dr Tumi thinks he’s an American,chill bro re Africa.Dira Gospel ya kasi.” Tweeted the troll.

Dr Tumi obviously didn’t take the comment nicely and schooled the troll a bit.

“The sad reality is you will always have people who want to change you to suite them. Forgetting that you might be walking in God’s purpose for your life just as you are. Lesson: Do what God leads you to do because if you change because someone thinks otherwise you might miss it!!” Tweeted Dr Tumi.

Fans of the gospel muso also came to his defence and told the troll to go sing his kasi gospel at a corner far away from Dr Tumi because they love the gospel star just the way he is.

Seeing how his fans were coming in their numbers to defend him, Dr Tumi thanked them and said he had a thick skin.

Dr Tumi said he was “at peace” with not pleasing everybody under God’s sun.

“Thank you dear. Got thick skin ??. I know I wouldn’t be anywhere if I didn’t do what God wants me to do. You can’t take every comment and change because you will lose you to please people who don’t even care. Be at peace with the fact that you won’t please everyone. ????” added Dr Tumi.

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