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Dreamteam Reveals More Reasons Why Dash Is No Longer Part Of The Team

Dash going solo

Dreamteam Reveals More Reasons Why Dash Is No Longer Part Of The Team. It has become a common occurrence now for musical groups to disband in an unexpected time which raises the question of why.

To sadden their fans now is one of the most loved Hip Hop groups in SA Dreamteam which consists of three members  Mthoko Mkhathini, Lusaso Ngcobo and Trevor Sineke, also known as Dash, Saso and Trey respectively. The first to deviate from the group is Dash who they claimed left the group due to other various projects he has going on the side.

Dash has been absent in a number of the group’s performances which raised worry and questions from fans. The remaining members didn’t shy away into stressing reasons for Dash’s heartbreaking departure, on one of their recent interviews on Touch HD they revealed the reasons but stated also that Dash still remains as their brother and friend despite is abrupt parting.

“He’s got another engagement…ok, on the real, the boy is no longer with us, he’s decided to go and pursue his own thing, he’s our friend he’s our brother…I think we’ve all grown, so it was a conversation we had at the beginning of the year and decided to follow through…now we at a point where we’ve made music, he wants to go do the thing and we just like: ‘Boy go do the thing, we support that…non the less,”

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