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FreshlyGround On Why They Question A Gender Issue In Politics On Single ‘Blck Grls’

FreshlyGround Set To Drop Album This Coming Friday April the 13th

FreshlyGround On Why They Question A Gender Issue In Politics On Single ‘Blck Grls’. Award Winning pop group FreshlyGround raised their concerns on new single Black Girls released in February which questioned gender and sexuality crisis in Politics.

The song highlights gender politics, looking at how women have to conform to rules to be accepted in a society.

Speaking to SowetanLive publication Lead vocalist Zolani Mahola says the song is inspired by her experience growing up in a community in which girls lived under many limitations.

“It’s a song about throwing aside limitations and embracing freedom to be whatever you want to be, regardless of what you look like, who you appear to be or where you come from,” she says.

The Eastern Cape-born songwriter, actor and singer said : “I was told I dressed in the wrong clothes, that I had to comb my hair, that I had too thick an African accent, that I was too fat and later that I was too thin.

“I was told these things by well-meaning people who were trying to get me to be a good, ‘normal’ black South African girl.

“It’s taken me a long time to realise that those concerns and limitations were about their own fears and insecurities.”

Asked if she still has to explain why she has a white husband, she says not anymore.

“I feel that I don’t owe anyone any explanation, and I am comfortable where I am.”

The mother of two says the song is not dedicated to black girls only but to all people who are restricted and cannot live their lives freely.

The group’s seventh offering comes after a hectic four-year touring schedule. In between, Mahola collaborated with different artists and featured in her first theatre musical, Calling Me Home.

“When people don’t see us performing locally they think we have taken a break. It is not the case, we travel a lot, that is why we do not release regularly,” she says.

Mahola says the new album has a lot of rock influences as their sound always has various influences.

“We never stick to one sound, we always experiment with different sounds.”

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