Freshlyground Release Their Highly Anticipated Album Titled Can’t Stop

Download: Freshlyground - Can't Stop Album

Freshlyground Release Their Highly Anticipated Album Titled Can’t Stop. The release of the lead single of the album Blck Grls had everyone anticipate the album with sharp eyes and ears and now the project is done and available for download which adds to the excitement of the educational and inspirational music of the band. Speaking on the inspiration and experinecs behind the track Blck Grls Zolani Mahola expressed how the society always choose how or what a black girl should be.

“Growing up there were chores reserved only for girls. I was told I dressed in the wrong clothes, that I had to comb my hair, that I had too thick an African accent, that I was too fat and later that I was too thin. I was told these things by well-meaning people who were trying to get me to be a good ‘normal’ black South African girl. It’s taken me a long time to realise that those concerns and limitations were about their own fears and insecurities,” said Mahola.

She continued: “When people listen to the song, I hope they feel a sense of freedom and untie themselves from the ‘labels’ that others may be trying to force on them. Be yourself is what this song is saying because there is only one life and it’s up to you to live it authentically.”

The album also tackle the societal norms, nothing is delivered politically just socially which makes it easier for everyone to relate to.

Can’t Stop features the single Blck Grls as well as Mna Nalamagenge, a collaboration with The Soil. The album is a true-to-their-roots variety of fresh and funky material, spanning genres and featuring musical luminaries such as Karen Zoid and Oliver Mtukudzi.

“Making this record was so much fun. I’m blessed to continually tour the world with Freshlyground, yet nothing tests your skills like coming together to make an album with all-new songs. We’re looking forward to putting it out into the universe and having fans enjoy it,” added lead singer Zolani Mahola.


Can’t Stop has been released worldwide and is available on Apple Music. Follow the link below to download :


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