Mshoza Reveals The Issues She Has With Her Mother-in-law

Mshoza's alleged feud with the in-laws seems to taking a big turn

Mshoza Reveals The Issues She Has With Her Mother-In-Law. Mshoza has once again made headlines for the alleged feud he has with her in-laws who on a last week DRUM publication said that she is only with her husband for money and spends it on looking glamorous.

Mshoza defended her case saying that she makes her own money and believes in the black female independence. At first the issues with the family was that Mshoza wasn’t an ideal Makoti for their son since they are a traditional family and she is just a girl that grew up in Soweto.

Now another issue arises with the mother-in-law who says Mshoza talks too much and doesn’t repscet thier culture even though the kwaito said that she has been doing doing nothing but compromising so to be acknowled by Mamezala.

“Mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law often don’t get along – it’s a universal thing. But she and I have never argued or exchanged words.”

The kwaito star did admit that she and MaKhoza aren’t always on the same page when it comes to certain things but respects the woman.

“I respect the old lady. She gave birth to the man of my dreams,” she tells the publication.

However, MaKhoza sings a different tune and makes it clear that she does not like Mshoza. Amongst the many things she’s said about her son’s celebrity wife, MaKhoza mentions that Mshoza talks too much, and rubbed her off the wrong way when Mshoza passed a comment about MaKhoza’s daughter’s unemployed situation.

“I like smiling and laughing and uMakoti (Mshoza) talks too much..I don’t want to hurt anyone, I know myself – I can be very cruel when given the chance. Makoti must not test me.”

However, Mshoza maintains that she is not the typical rural wife and does things a little different.

“I’m an artist, I grew up in Soweto. I wear wigs and weaves, I have long nails and my husband loves me the way I am.”

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Mshoza says she’s tried to compromise with MaKhoza but it does not seem like she’s winning.

“I try to compromise with my in-laws and respect our culture as much as possible but that’s still an issue with her. I try to please her but I don’t know what to do anymore.”

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