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Ntsiki Mazwai And Somizi Dissing Each Other Is Just Too Hilarious

Somgaga and Ntsiki had the roast of their own yesterday which is funny

Ntsiki Mazwai And Somizi Dissing Each Other Is Just Too Hilarious. Somizi and Ntsiki are giving us even more reasons to anticipate the Comedy Central roasting with the way they are going on at each other.

As well as most people are now well aware that Somizi is the celebrity selected for the roasting this time around, what most people aren’t aware of is that Somgaga wants to roast some people of his own most preferably Ntsiki Mazwai who he recently referred to as Ntsila Mazwai because he thinks she doesn’t take a bath.Ntsiki is also part of the panel chosen to roast Somizi.

Instead of waiting for the show to take place the two gave it to each on radio proving to listeners that they at war, one would assume it was pretence but the way their dissing game was showered with truths it just felt too real and hilarious too.

Here are a few quotes from the two, Ntsiki threw the first punch by saying.

“Somizi I’m still surprised that you’re here on radio because it’s not something that you’re particularly good at.”

In response to that Somizi said.

“I know it’s a difficult request but keep it clean.”

But Ntsiki wasn’t backing down and placed Somizi in his place.

“The funny thing about that, is that you look crusty as rich as you are, you also look dirty.”

However, Ntsiki had a few polite words to say to Somizi but that didn’t last long as she continued throwing shade at him.

“Yes, we’re looking forward to celebrating you Somizi but we would’ve loved to enjoy the Somizi of Sarafina when you actually had talent.”

Ntsiki then asked Somizi if he will be wearing his weave on the Comedy Central Roast to which he replied.

“No, I won’t because unlike you I’m easy to be remembered, unlike you, you have to wear beads for people to remember you.”

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