Zonke Releases A Heartwarming Single ‘Tonight’

Download: Zonke – Tonight

Zonke Releases A Heartwarming Single ‘Tonight’. Most admired and talented Zonke Dikana has made a massive comeback with a new sensational single titled Tonight that fans are receiving in a happy way.

The song is a lead single from her upcoming album L.O.V.E set to release in June 2018. Zonke hasn’t lost her old sound on this new single, she still offers the same soulful sound that melts the heart and ease the mind in the most amazing way, her vocals are still calm yet powerful, all that proves just how instead of deflating the star has grown in a big way.

The Sony Music songtress on Tonight “extends the depths of her celestial and golden vocals with a touch of masterclass deep and powerful delivery that streams right into the depths of the heart and soul. It is little surprise the level of musical quality the singer and songwriter explores since she cites the likes of Miriam Makeba and Busi Mhlongo as some of her influences.”

Speaking on what to expect from the album the songstress detailed on what fans who are waiting impatiently for it can expect.

“I’ve never worried myself with themes but this time around I made a conscious decision to just be happy and light – especially coming out of Work of Heart. When we started to record the album, my sister Lulu passed away, so naturally I gravitated towards that painful side,”

“This time around I thought that I just want to be happy and I am happy so let me write songs that say exactly where I am. Therefore the theme is love – L. O. V. E – Living Out Various Emotions. The album takes you on a journey; whether you are happy or annoyed in your relationships, you’ll find a song on this album. There are different emotions love takes you on.”

Download the song on the link provided below :

Download: Zonke – Tonight

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