10 New Things We’ve Learnt Of Nakhane Toure’s Rapid Transformation

Get to know a little bit more about Toure

10 New Things We’ve Learnt Of Nakhane Toure’s Rapid Transformation. Nakhane is one of the few artists in SA to lead a life so genuine and straightforward that it becomes difficult to judge his character based on media speculations. Following the hate and threats that sufficed from the public amidst Inxeba the star decided to grow a thick skin that opened him to many things which include not following the rules of the society in order to live a happy life.

Nakhane have since felt the need to express himself in a number of his recent interviews highlighting that he is living a life fit for him and is not here to impress other people but to give them a taste of his artistry. Here you will get to know just a bit about this talented star following his current transformation after becoming the target to a number of South Africans who are homophobic and who hated the film Inxeba which he starred in.

Here are 10 New Things We’ve Learnt Of Nakhane Toure’s Rapid Transformation:

1. “I’ve made peace with where I am and what I desire. And, I just try not to be a dick.”

2.”I am less afraid of the world and of myself. I always said, ‘I don’t care if anybody likes me or what people think’ and I thought I meant it but I actually mean it now.”

3.”I am a wanderer.”

4.He is currently in a serious relationship with a partner he choose to keep away from the media’s eye.

5.He makes most of his music abroad now, spends less time in SA.

6.He released an Album that was dedicated to self-empowerment titled You Will Not Die

7.”The Nakhane who came out with an album in 2013 is so different to the Nakhane that is exists now. This Nakhane would not exist without that one and I am proud of him.”

8.He is focused on finding happiness in life more than anything else.

9.He is no longer fearful on taking risks and living outside the shell.

10. If he could write the 20 year old him he has he would just say :

Dear 20-year-old Nakhane,

“None of this sh*t matters.”

Love, Nakhane.

The new Nakhane might just teach a whole lot more of people about self-love and deviating from the norms of the society that set so many boundaries.

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