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AKA Explains Why He Feels ANC and EFF Are The Best Opposition Parties

AKA might just be the next South African Kanye West.

AKA Explains Why He Feels ANC and EFF Are The Best Opposition Parties. In just few days since AKA announced that he won’t be sharing his personal views on Twitter he goes off and shares them on a platform that’s pretty much worse than twitter.

During an interview this week on YFM the rapper went Kanye-West style and expressed his sentiments in regards to SA’s Politics. Supa Mega said that he feels that DA is not a good party to lead SA emphasising that EFF and ANC can do a good job.

“I don’t think that the DA is a serious (opposition). It represents a minority. At the end of the day, this is South Africa. A minority needs to be represented, but I think right now the biggest issues are with the majority and not the minority. The majority is the ANC and EFF, in terms of demographics.”

The star apparently has full confidence in the current leadership of the ANC and believed that there was enough young future leaders in the party to take it forward.

AKA said “the greatest thing that could happen” would be for the ANC and EFF to get back together.

“I don’t think it will happen though. I think the EFF is needed. I think it would be a strong opposition,” he added.

He was complimentary of the EFF’s young leaders, despite once being involved in a public spat with them.

In 2016 the rapper took to Twitter to claim that he had been approached to perform for the DA on several occasions, but had always turned them down. He later claimed that he would also never again perform for the EFF.

“The ANC is faaaaar from perfect, but I firmly believe it’s the only political party with the credentials and policies to lead our country,” he said in a tweet that has since been deleted.

EFF leaders Julius Malema and spokesperson Mbuyiseni Ndlozi challenged the rapper and told him to not hide behind generalisations, but come at the political party directly.

The rapper received support from ANC officials such as Fikile Mbalula during the incident.

AKA also slammed the DA last year for shutting down his best friend Da L.E.S’s all-white pool party.

“DA L.E.S’s party was not just a party for the fun of it. It was part of the culture and important for the [hip hop] movement. But the DA just shut it down without understanding such aspects,” he said in a tweet.

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