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Buhle Mda From The Soil Shows Off Her Fiery Side

Buhle in Laduma's Defence after Zara's altercation

Buhle Mda From The Soil Shows Off Her Fiery Side. While most people may know Buhle as the quite sophisticated lady from award winning group The Soil, she proved us all wrong when she took to social media to express her anger and disappointment at what international store Zara did to Laduma. Last month Zara made headlines for allegedly stealing and using Laduma’s invention of Maxhosa design loved and celebrated by a number of celebrities across the world included Beyonce and Swizz Beatz.

The retail store sparked anger from South Africans after the sock design was seen to be a clear replica of Laduma’s famous Maxhosa design which has been worn and acknowledged by many. Laduma confirmed that he was seeking legal advice from Africa’s leading IP law firm, Moore Attorneys, with regards to the issue at hand.

Buhle like many angry South Africans went onto social media to express that she did not appreciate what Zara did to Laduma and his work and that they should not try to take from what he has worked hard for.

“There are a lot of things I would like to address in life, and I don’t want Bhuti [Refering to Laduma] to say anything. But when we have our own South African treasures, can we please not have people bull sh** us. So I would like to address Zara, don’t bull sh** this guy. Laduma is our treasure.”


Watch Below To Hear More Of What Buhle Had To Say :


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