Cici’s Full Disclosure On Why She Exposed Arthur For Allegedly Abusing Her

Cici’s Full Disclosure On Why She Exposed Arthur For Allegedly Abusing Her. It’s been months since Cici revealed to the public that she was suffering abuse from her boss and partner Arthur Mafokate who she laid charges of assault against.

The songstress was a guest on Trending SA where she expressed more about the alleged abuse and even touched on the topic of Babes Wodumo who has been recently making headlines for claiming that Mampintsha was abusing her.

She and Arthur may be the Tom and Jerry now but she expressed how she is grateful that he gave her the start to expose her musical abilities.

“I will forever be grateful to that label for putting me on, I think a lot of people think because of what happened and the way that I am speaking about it, they think I’m trying to take away from what they’ve achieved in the industry and that’s not it, I think for me it’s about principle and that you cannot do something to someone and think you can get away with it…”

The musician got emotional when reflecting on the first time she decided to speak up about the alleged abuse, saying that she thought about setting an example for people that look up to her.

“I remember coming out and people were like: “Aren’t you scared, you’re a celebrity’ and I was like: ‘before I’m a celebrity, I’m actually human, the people that actually follow my music need to understand that we are human and we experience the same things that they go through and so I would’ve not done justice to the people – to the young people and woman especially – to not come out and speak out about this, because they listen to my music, and what kind of example do I then set if I protect the perpetrator, so for me it was then important…”

Speaking on Babes Wodumo’s alleged abuse which she reportedly suffered in the hands of her longtime boyfriend Mampintsha, Cici said that she had heard rumours about it earlier, however, never took the matter seriously.

“They’re not personal friends of mine, I wasn’t aware, but I’ve heard, but I thought, people in the industry just talk, but at the end of the day, for me it’s up to Babes Wodumo…the ball is in her court, we can be behind her and say all the things but if she’s not saying anything then all that we do is in vain…it’s up to her.”


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