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Here’s Why Black Coffee Doesn’t Own The Jet Branded His Name

Black Coffee clears the air on Jet-owning speculations

Here’s Why Black Coffee Doesn’t Own The Jet Branded His Name. When Black Coffee posted an image of him and his wife Enhle posing next to a massive luxurious Jet branded with his name, everyone pretty much thought that the highly successful DJ has just purchased himself the flying wheels.

Judging from Black Coffee’s success it’s obvious he is swimming in a lot of cash and can even buy Durban City if he wanted to especially since he now makes dollars, but he boldly stated that he has more important things in mind to establish and achieve than a private Jet.

To clear the confusion he said the he is just renting the Jet for the summer and that he doesn’t own it…well at least not yet. Black Coffee told fans that his next goal was not to own a plane but a school.

“I day….it’s not my next goal. First I need to help create a real working business model for artists and our music industry then build a school with my brothers Laduma Ngxokolo and Nelson Makamo. That’s my true dream,” he said.

According to information online, the plane, a D-IEMO Raytheon Premier 1A, can cost anything from R25-million to R50-million. While chartering the plane could cost as much as R35,646 an hour and Black Coffee is renting it out, Wow. Ontop of all that the Jet is branded his name, now you can imagine the costs.

Here’s the glimpse of the top class jet :

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