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Here’s Why Mzwakhe Mbuli Is Planning On Suing Google Big Time

Mzwakhe is gatvol of all the fake news about him and has set to take legal action

Here’s Why Mzwakhe Mbuli Is Planning On Suing Google Big Time. Most people are aware that Mzwakhe Mbuli also known as the People’s poet has made headlines for all sorts of bad reasons, the good part about that is that he could answer for himself to clear speculations.

This time around the singer expressed his rage at how the most famous multinational technology company that specialises in Internet-related services and products also known as Google has defamed his character. Apparently Google states that the star is HIV positive in his Bios and for that he feels they should pay for tarnishing his name.

The poet spoke of this issue during his interview on SABC last weekend who said that he even confided in Advocated Mphafolane for legal advice,

Mbuli said  : “Advocate Mphafolane has taken legal action, I’ve instructed him to do exactly that. He served the letter of demand to Google South Africa and that was last week. I am sure, in the next two days, they will serve Google with a summons. It is exactly like that, there’s no turning back. We are going for these guys.”

Mbuli insisted that he does not discriminate against people living with HIV and he has always supported the cause. However, he said he feels that someone is out to tarnish his reputation by making these false claims on a platform as big as Google.

“Who are these thugs? Who are these criminals? Who are these mosquitoes who are trying to destroy Mzwakhe Mbuli?” asked the People’s Poet.

WATCH rest of the interview below:

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