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Jub Jub’s Aim Of Establishing A New TV Show

Jub Jub to grace the screens on DStv.

Jub Jub’s Aim Of Establishing A New TV Show. Convict and Hip Hop star Jub Jub has announced the news that he is working on a new show that also serves as part of his healing process, that’ll focus on giving back to communities. Before going to jail Jub Jub used to be a presenter back on platforms such as SABC 1 and Channel O.

Jub Jub has been hard at work filming the various episodes of the show which is set to air on the 20th of May on Moja Love channel 157.

His first episode is being filmed in Eldorado Park, Gauteng.

It’s been said that Jub Jub has been offered many other projects but declined them, however, this particular project resonated with him because he felt that it’s aligned with what he’s trying to achieve in life and that is teaching people the importance of forgiveness.

“I took this project because to me it’s not really about the show but about the importance of teaching people forgiveness and connecting with them. Before asking forgiveness it is important that you forgive yourself for your mistakes before going and asking for forgiveness from the people you hurt.”

Jub Jub’s new show will be airing on Dstv’s Moja love and he has already begun filming.

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