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K.O On Why It Would Take A While For Teargas To Release New Music

K.O opens up.

K.O On Why It Would Take A While For Teargas To Release New Music. Rapper K.O has once more felt the need to feed fans the information they have been long starving for, by expressing reasons that are holding back the reunion and creation of new music with his former group mates Teargas. The star said that people must stop asking him of when they will be working together again because it’s not entirely up to him since there is no leader and they all just equals.

“It’s kind of annoying where on Twitter, a lot of the time, people put it across as: ‘KO make it happen, KO we need another Teargas album, do it’. It’s not entirely my call, we are a collective and there’s no leader, we are all equal.

The issue with why it’s taken so long is because shortly after we started the whole Cash Time, unfortunately, the relationships amongst ourselves as the Teargas outfit got a little disenfranchised, so the bond and the connection was not entirely there as much as it was when we were working on the four albums. If we were to do it now, I solely would prefer it to be on a more organic level, instead of us going to the studio just to cut the cheque.” he said speaking to Trending SA.

The rapper further commented on how he feels about artists that left his record label included Ma-e , Moozlie and Kid X.


“Whatever that I did, it was done from a great place, even till this day, I don’t have any ill feelings towards anyone because I did that just purely out of the kindness of my own heart. I decided to open a door and when it came to a point where people started peeling off, unfortunately, I ended up getting the short end of the stick because it was made to look like people were purely moving based on the fact that KO didn’t want them to blossom.

And instead of people standing up on their own two feet on some “bro, that is not actually the case, we are leaving because we wanna go pursue other opportunities…some people took comfort in the fact that people were just blaming me on that level, so it broke my heart.” he added.

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