Malaika’s Lead Lady Tshedi Mholo On Why She Decided To Be A Gospel Artist

Tshedi on musical comeback

Malaika’s Lead Lady Tshedi Mholo On Why She Decided To Be A Gospel Artist. While most R&B pop stars are trying to keep the genre alive by dropping a variety of songs, former Malaika leading lady Tshedi Mholo decides to venture into gospel music.

The star may no longer be dropping hits like before when she was still a member of the fallen group Malaika but that doesn’t mean she lost her voice, to prove to people that she still holds that melody and vibe she got into Gospel and explained why.

“We have to start somewhere and explore other genres within our talent range before going full circle,” said the songstress Speaking To Drum Magazine.

“I’ve always known I’d end up going back to gospel music. It took me a long time to go back into studio – learning new sounds to be able to evolve. I had a light bulb moment where gospel kept pulling my soul back to what I know best.”

But while she’ll be tapping back into her love for gospel music, she says she isn’t turning her back on Afro-pop. “I’m not recording a gospel album or anything like that. This is a performance that I’ll be doing as part of the annual performances I do, and this time I wanted it to be gospel music. It’s about spending time with God and just being in an atmosphere of praise and worship. I want my supporters to have fun and to also get back in touch with them.”

Tshedi’s voice is filled with excitement as she tells DRUM that the show will feature upcoming artists in the gospel music industry. “I’ve always been a big believer in giving back and giving others a platform to excel.”

The lead singer of the legendary SA group, Malaika, tells us that because gospel music has always been part of her life – her parents are active members of the church – it has kept calling her back to it.

“Gospel has always infiltrated my life. The competitions we used to win back in school were always because of the gospel performances and even before Malaika people who know me as that North West-born township girl know what gospel does to me.”

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