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Ntando Bangani On Why He Disappeared In Music And Decided To Come Back

Ntando on how he feels about the SAMAs nomination.

Ntando Bangani On Why He Disappeared In Music And Decided To Come Back. Ntando was on top of his game in the mid-2000s when he released a series of beautiful songs that caught the attention and love of so many people, but the star disappeared in thin air out of the blue.

Most people figured he just became another tired and washed out artist, putting those speculations to rest the Nguwe hitmaker spoke of how he hit rock bottom. In result of him feeling detached to a whole of things he separated from his wife and kids and his house which was repossessed by the bank.

When he took a break from doing music and focusing on his personal life he dreaded watching award ceremonies.

“I won’t lie, awards and big music ceremonies that I was not part of got to me a little bit and I was hurt But I told myself that I still had a plan and I won’t give up,” he said Speaking to Drum.

He added that although he did not like seeing people do what he did best; he still felt hopeful about his comeback.

“I hated seeing people attend awards because it is where I wanted to be but I was happy at the same time because they were raising the flag for the Afro-pop genre which some people thought had died. I don’t do things for awards and my return was because of the people who believed in me and because of my passion.”

Ntando also spoke of his comeback and how he feel about the SAMAs nomination he received this year. He is nominated for the Best Afro Pop category for his album Mayibuye up against former TS records artists Mafikizolo, Zahara, Blaq Diamon and Robbie Malinga.

“I have worked with all those artists and I am happy to be up against people whose contribution to the music is strong.”

“I would still make music in my private space in the hope that one day; I make a comeback and I am honoured to be nominated at this year’s South African Music Awards,” he concluded.

2018 South African Music Awards will take place on 2 June 2018 in Sun City

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