Papa Penny Spit Rage At The Awards For Not Featuring His Genres

Papa compares to music awards to politics

Papa Penny Spit Rage At The Awards For Not Featuring His Genres. Papa Penny has just made the list of celebrities who constantly complain of the unfairness of award ceremonies that they often claim are bias and inconsiderable.

The legendary star said that the awards are as good as politics the way they operate. His comments come after the SAMAs “failed” to feature his genre of music into the nomination categories.

He told Sunday Sun that he had not entered the Samas because he was tired of “being left out.”

“My genre, pop and disco, is not in the categories, but I’m not interested in the Samas anymore. I don’t know who runs it, but those people are not for artists. They already have their winners as we speak.”

Papa Penny created a new genre of music last year, which he called heavy gum. He told TshisaLIVE that it was a form of hip-hop.

“The genre of the song is heavy gum because before it (my sound) used to be bubblegum. I decided to call it heavy gum to symbolise a gum that remains sweet forever,” he told TshisaLIVE.

He said he was tired of being labelled the “Shangaan Disco King” and he wanted to be known by more than just the language he speaks.

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