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Priddy Ugly On How His Family Struggled After Leaving Angola

Priddy Ugly parks his new car on the garage he once used as a home

Priddy Ugly On How His Family Struggled After Leaving Angola. Like so many celebrities Priddy Ugly didn’t have things the easy way growing up, he struggled so much that his story can inspire all these young people who feel that they are not destined for the good things. Priddy reflected on his childhood memories when he and his family lived in a garage for five years.

Taking to Instagram he reminisced about the way his family once called his grandmother’s garage home.

“When me‚ my father and my mother moved to South Africa from Angola after my father’s 14-year long exile‚ we lived right where this car is parked. My grandmother’s home in Meadowlands‚ Soweto is where most of my dreams where engineered. Her garage was our home for 5 years‚ where myself and my parents slept‚ ate‚ bathed and dreamt of greener pastures.”

Priddy said it was huge accomplishment to park his new car in that very same garage but that his dreams were still in the making.

“Today I parked my whip in that very garage‚ dreams still being engineered. The reality of my dreams is the product of my grandmother’s prayers.”

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