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Riky Rick Adds On Reasons Why He’s Taking A Break From Music

Riky Rick not in a good "mental state"

Riky Rick Adds On Reasons Why He’s Taking A Break From Music. Award winning rapper Riky Rick made an announcement previous weekend that he will be taking a break from music because he is going through some personal changes that require his full time and away from music which demands so much from him.

Riky has often spoken about the struggles of the industry and the mental hardships he has faced‚ encouraging fans with anxiety and depression through motivating messages.

After performing at Back to the City this past weekend‚ Riky took to social media to announce the performance would his last for a while.

“Friends and family‚ I apologize sincerely to everybody who will be effected but I am not in the right place mentally to continue doing shows or anything that involves leaving my children. I am taking time to find my faith before I lose the connection with the people I love the most‚” he wrote.

He went on to explain that because of his celeb status‚ it was hard to tell people that he was not doing well.

“Being a “celebrity” its difficult to tell people I ain’t feeling well. It’s difficult to take time away because people expect you to be superhuman. I am not superhuman. I’m just another human being who wants to find some sort of peace and happiness in life. I’m sorry.”

Riky would not comment on when he would return to the spotlight‚ only telling fans he would see them “later‚ maybe”.

Heartbroken fans and fellow celebs he is friends with were quick to support the Kotini king saying that they will miss him, included in the chain of friends who expressed their love and support for Riky was Cassper Nyovest.

“I know we spoke offline. Just wanted to show you more love and let you know we as your fans will always love you. Might not understand what you’re going but if you decide to come back we will always be here waiting on you cause we love you. Well wishes, love you” posted Ksazobalit hitmaker.

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