Riky Rick Explains How He Plans To Help Young Artists Make It Big

Retiring but not letting go of his passion

Riky Rick

Rapper Riky Rick who announced that he will be taking a break in music a while back has also announced that he will continue to help young talented artists who are eager to rise and win in the music game.

Chatting to Slikour recently, Riky made it clear that he knew that rapper’s aren’t supposed to stay “hot” forever and he was determined to help groom the next generation of artists.

“(I care for the youngins) because they are the only ones who actually care. They don’t give a damn about things like… like how grown people are scared of losing their spot or being seen as uncool next to younger, cooler nigg*rs. Old people have this mentality that they know everything and even if they don’t, they need to try and keep control of the power that they have.”

The Cotton King compared his logic to the timeframe given to presidents in office: you know, 4 or 5 years.

“You need to do what you can do in your space then pass it on to the next guys to continue. In music and in arts, it is the same thing, we should be enabling young people to be able to do greater than you.”

After performing at Back to the City, Riky took to social media to announce the performance would his last for a while. Riky said he was taking a break for his children and his faith.

“Friends and family, I apologize sincerely to everybody who will be effected but I am not in the right place mentally to continue doing shows or anything that involves leaving my children. I am taking time to find my faith before I lose the connection with the people I love the most,” he wrote.

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