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SA Celebrities Roasting Ntsiki Mazwai Will Have You Laughing For Days

WATCH: Ntsiki was roasted to ashes, it's amazing she's still breathing.

SA Celebrities Roasting Ntsiki Mazwai Will Have You Laughing For Days. So we’ve read and heard it all of the roasting conference that was due to take place last month with Somgaga as the object, we watched it enjoyed it but the main highlight of the evening left viewers with aching stomachs from laughing so hard at the panel taking on Ntsiki Mazwai.

As well as most people know Ntsiki says whatever she wants, she has been embroiled in a number of beefs with fellow celebrities in the past one would swear she’s at war indeed. This time around though Mazwai wasn’t the one spouting whatever crossed her mind, it was the panel that was set to roast Somizi which included Nomzamo Mbatha, Fikile Mbalula, Schalk Bezuidenhout,Skhumba, Kurt Darren and Gareth Cliff.

Before the show took place Somgaga roasted Ntsiki too on his own saying that she is thick skinned because she doesn’t take a bath.

“Unfortunately with Ntsiki, I think she’s thicker-skinned than most of us… and not thick-skinned because she’s thick skinned. She’s thick-skinned because she hasn’t taken a bath in a long time. So her skin is so thick of… insila [dirt]. So… they must call her Insila Mazwai.” said somG.

The panel went on at her like dogs on bloody red steak. Actress Nomzamo Mbatha, for one, was surprised. “Ntsiki Mazwai: wow, I can’t believe you actually came,” she said during her roast. “After everything you’ve said to…. everyone! Wow, you’re brave – or just stupid.”

Mbalula also threw a massive brick at her which most believe left a huge scar. “Ntsiki, you are living proof that fame has a plus one… Your sister is famous for being the lead singer in Bongo Muffin and you are just an angry muffin.”

He also mocked her habit of performing her ‘poetry’ in prisons. “That is what we call a ‘captive audience’. As a former Minister of Police, I thought I should be the one who tells you: those are not fans, Ntsiki. What do Ntsiki and apartheid have in common? They both tortured black prisoners. Ntsiki, your poetry is a crime deterrent. There is no need for the death penalty when you have Ntsiki.”

Ntsiki also tried to shade comedian Schalk Bezuidenhout . “I do not know who Schalk Bezuidenhout is,” she said. “He is here due to white privilege.”

Famous last words. When Schalk had the mic, he admitted he didn’t know who Mazwai was either. “I went onto your Instagram and it said you were a poet. I read some of your poetry and it said you’re not a poet.”

Even when other people were being roasted, she took the blows, like when Kurt Darren told Gareth Cliff, “Gareth, if you were a black woman, you would be Ntsiki Mazwai.”

Cliff said afterwards that it must have been the worst day of Mazwai’s life, while comedian Skhumba predicted she’d go home and commit suicide.


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