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Vusi Nova Shares ‘Heartbreaking’ Message Behind Latest Love Song Ndizakulinda

Vusi expresses his weaknesses in new song.

Vusi Nova Shares ‘Heartbreaking’ Message Behind Latest Love Song Ndizakulinda. Vusi Nova is one singer most can agree has the power to evoke emotions of sadness, happiness and love in just a single song with his voice giving out that effect, let alone the messages behind his songs. One of his songs to really get into with people’s feelings is titled Ndizokulinda which basically speaks about his previous lover.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE the Afro Pop star said that he was initially afraid to put parts of his life story on paper but had to for his healing.

“Initially I was afraid of how the song would paint me, because it is my personal story. I do say in the song that I am a man who always wants to keep his promises but sometimes the heart just wants what it wants.”

The single titled Ndizakulinda, is taken off his upcoming album that will be launched in August with collaborations such as Kelly Khumalo, 047 and Ntando. The album is said to be all about heartbreak and how Vusi broke his promise to “wait” for his then partner.

“I write about things that happen in my life, as a form of therapy. It’s part of my journey of healing. I promised to wait for someone but at some point my heart just couldn’t do it anymore.”

Vusi said his was not a case of being separated by a physical distance. He said that at times you love a person and find that they just don’t match your love properly and that is what happened.

“My story is bit dramatic but my promise was that I would wait for my then partner to love me the way I deserve to be loved. I said I’d wait for her to live her best life and when she’s ready to love me, she’d find me where she left me. But then later my heart just decided ‘voetsek I won’t do it anymore’.”

Vusi also let us in on a fun fact. The same ex he writes about Ndikuthandile, Thandiwe is the same one we will hear about in the emotional rollercoaster of his upcoming album.

The singer laughed when we asked him if the ex in question knows that she has inspired hit songs. However, he revealed that he and his ex-partner decided to stay friends and occasionally talk.

“I love this person but I’ve decided that I will love from a distance,” he told TshisaLIVE.


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