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Zahara Speaks Of Her Relationship With The Late Thobani Mseleni

Zahara's family heartbroken by the sudden death of Thobani

Zahara Speaks Of Her Relationship With The Late Thobani Mseleni. Heartbroken Zahara has spoken up about how saddened she and her family are about the sudden death of the late actor Thobani Mseleni who died during a gruesome accident that also claimed the lives of Akhumzi and Siyasanga Kobese.

During the memorial ceremony yesterday of Mseleni which was held at the The Market Theatre, Zahara gave a speech and performance that left many hearts in tears. Speaking to TshisaLIVE she said she wasn’t very close to Thobani, but she felt compelled to be there to celebrate him because she knew he had touched many people with his life, including her family.

“Thobani was the kind of person who respected people and I know that that is why my family loved him so much. He was a joy to be around and that is why I went to celebrate his life. Not only for me, but also for my family. I will be leaving for Eastern Cape because I know my parents will want to attend his funeral too.”

Zahara explained that Thobani had met her family on one of the many times he found himself shooting in the Eastern Cape.

She said she knew from theinteractions she’s had with him since then that he was special to her family and had fostered a relationship with her small cousin.

“My parents and the kids at home loved him. The four-year-old at home saw the news of his death on TV and he called me to ask if it’s true. Thobani used to entertain his love for bodybuilding and he was heartbroken when I told him he’s really gone.”

Zahara said she admired how, even in death, it seemed Thobani managed to bring unity.

“He was humble and he really loved. You always learnt something if you sat with him. Like one of the last conversations we had, he was talking about how it makes no sense to dwell in sorrow when you can just focus on joy. He said, ‘Hai maan mntase, if you can’t change things, then change the way you look at them.’ “

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