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AKA Reveals The Reasons That Led His Break-Up With Bonang

AKA on why he disses Bonang on Touch My Blood album

AKA Reveals The Reasons That Led His Break-Up With Bonang. It’s been less than a year since AKA and Bonang called it quits but the drama that surrounded them is enough to last a century, when the two announced their break-up most people didn’t believe them.

Few months later AKA drops singles that are featured on his upcoming album Touch My Blood where he makes it clear Bonang wasn’t the best he could find in a woman. Bonang also expressed how under any circumstances he can never get back with AKA.

The two shaded each other on several occasions which sparked the questions of what led to their break-up. Even though AKA didn’t give the inny bits details he did explain why they couldn’t work.

“Every single situation that we face feels like Déjà vu. My n*gger don’t ever ever love a woman more than she loves you. All my n*ggers telling me that life goes on. Tell me what is the reason that I am so far gone? F*ck your social media encyclopedia.”

There were also fire lines like: “I got so many cuts, do you have the bandage?” and suggestions about the toll it had on his family.

“Everyone’s got their armour on, that’s Joburg. The last b**ch brought bodyguards just in case we bumped into the baby mama buying groceries. Squad checking for the other ma when you pour a glass and you toasting. Is that not some h*e shit?… All I ever wanted was for you to go to bed and hit me with a text, (but) everything is hunky dory when we on the jet,” he spits on another part of the track.

It’s a raw AKA that many fans were surprised to see, and the star told TshisaLIVE that he felt comfortable speaking about his ex because it was something he lived.

“I lived it. I think the definition of an artist, to me, is someone who can be vulnerable and honest. They open themselves to anything. At the end of the day, my music has to be a reflection of my life and it just so happens that my life is under a microscope.”


Source : TshisaLIVE

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