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Jovislash Drops ‘This Is South Africa’ Remake of Childish Gambino’s Hit

Stream : Jovislash - This Is South Africa

Jovislash Drop ‘This Is South Africa’ Remake of Childish Gambino’s Hit. The young & talented musician who often put so much humour & vibe to all his offerings has once again dropped a cool track titled This Is South Africa.

The track is a remake of Childish Gambino’s hit track This Is America. As funny as it is,it’s also a reflection of S.As true reality faced by the youth. This Is South Africa is an addition to Jovislash’s offerings which are Shut Up, Signal (Mama,”  Bayanya Laba and DVDyeleni.

Jovislash dwell on the issue of women abuse and domestic violence in S.A on the song but he introduced a funny way to address the issue and fans are loving it to bits & pieces.

Watch : Jovislash – This Is South Africa

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